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We owe a responsibility to the Great Masters that came before us, as well as to all the future Masters yet to come. That is to pass on the knowledge that we have gained with the purist of hearts.

Karate-ka should seek perfection of spirit and dedication to excellence in technique and mind. And we shall do this with an unbreakable honor. Seek purity of heart first then develop the foundations that make your karate stand strong.                       

Barry Moyer, Hanshi

                   Barry Moyer



International Moy-Ryu Karate Do Federation.



World Budokai Sonkei Federation


Director: World Registry of Black Belts, Organizations, Federations and Associations.


Board Member WOSKKA


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The International Moy-Ryu Karate Do Federation was developed in the 1960’s and was a closed federation, but was not introduced until the early 70s to the public. The main purpose was to break away from the political organizations we were with at the time.


The decision was made to make the federation a Non-Political group where people can come and gather and have a equal voice. Each and every member is important and Not anyone can change that.


We encourage and hold fast to all the traditional values of the old masters of the martial arts. Values and honor is our cornerstone. We wish every member the very best in their training and respective styles.

The International Moy-Ryu Karate Do Federation is NOT a Diploma Mill.


We will not give rank away or we will not sell it. You can earn rank by your strong dedication to your art and we can review you in several ways in order to be tested.  We follow all the International and National NGB’s requirements for ranks and for recognition of rank when it comes to age and time in grade unless circumstances warrant more consideration.


This is a sample of the papers that are received when tested or confirmed by a board and or recognized for your style and your skills.


Help us seek goodness in all  the world and strive for excellence in your styles and discipline of the martial arts.




“Thought means nothing if it doesn’t leave the thinker.”

                                                         Barry Moyer


Many of today’s martial artist are coming back to the traditions ways of the past. This can help them finds their roots of who they are, as well as refining and learning better ways to manipulate their techniques.

Much of the past is gone and we need to hold on to the true techniques of the past as well as the mental aspects of the arts. We do still have many who teach the old ways and that is fortunate for those who are seeking out such teaching and values.

Our directions must hold fast to the arts of the past by keeping the purity of the techniques in tact. Bunki, Kata and other meanings of the arts should never die or be changed, but as we all know this has not been the way of things.

Much has been lost and it is sad. We need to find the older masters of the arts and make sure that we learn and document the teachings of these treasures of the martial arts.

Please pass your knowledge forward, because each thing we hold back from students it is just one more thing lost. Our focus is to make our future better and we can do this by giving all  of our knowledge to the future in ensure that the arts, their lineage, purity and devotion will never die.













World Budokai Sonkei Federation

The World Budokai Sonkei Federation has joined with the International Moy-Ryu Karate Do Federation  to bring friendship and unity from around the world. We welcome all those who would like to help to share their knowledge and friendship with martial artist from all styles, backgrounds and beliefs. The WBSF is an extension of the IMRKF and holds to all the traditional values of the past as well as learning and relating to the present. Many of our members are very dedicated and well know for their expertise in the martial arts. We believe that everyone has a right to express their needs in the martial arts and has an equal voice in their development of knowledge and skills that they may gain. If  you are interested in joining and becoming a member, please contact Hanshi Moyer. Applicant Must be recommended by a member.

    Barry Moyer,  Hanshi 9th Dan

     World Budokai Sonkei




    Over 40 Years of Non-Political Unity

  Building friendships around the World